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Scientific Communication is Complex

There is a reason that Ikea, the biggest furniture supplier in the world, has the gold standard in instructions. They make just one global version of their instructions using visuals outlining assembly steps – they are clear, informative and able to be understood by people across the world.

However, if you’ve needed to perform a Covid-19 home test recently, you know that health and science communications are far less simple and clear.

Yet, in health and sciences, there can be significant consequences for poor communication. Even still, we struggle to communicate clearly, to break down our instructions into simple steps, and to efficiently train and support our workforces through complex processes and compliance.

Can you imagine if we could similarly simplify our health and science communication?

As in the saying, ‘a picture is worth a thousand words’, and at Graphics et al., we believe that visual communication is key to creating clarity, simplifying communications and crossing barriers of language, experience and education.

Our Value Proposition

Graphics et al. is a subscription software that lets ordinary users easily create scientifically accurate images and animations in minutes, without a graphic designer. With a simple drag and drop interface and a rapidly expanding library of scientifically accurate digital assets, you can create unlimited visually-striking, branded diagrams and automations.

Unlike hiring a scientific illustrator, Graphics et al. enables you to completely customise your images to your specific needs, protect your intellectual property, edit your visuals over time if your needs change, and maintain organisational-level brand consistency to all of your visual communications.

A global need, across multiple large industries

The global need for science communication is huge. Graphics et al. will be of assistance to companies in some of the world’s largest industries – including pharmaceuticals, healthcare, scientific research and manufacturing, clinical trials and health technologies. From patient communications in healthcare and recruiting and communicating with participants in clinical trials, to laboratory instructions for scientific research, scientific manufacturing procedures and a whole range of ways to make compliance with safety and quality standards more accessible, Graphics et al. simplifies communications.

Accelerators and Accolades:

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UQ Ventures iLab Accelerator


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Life Sciences Queensland delegate – AusBioTech Conference

(Perth 2022)

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ANDHealth Australian delegate – HLTH

(Las Vegas 2022)

Our Plan

Graphics et al. is rapidly growing through the health, scientific and technical industries within Australia. We have excellent feedback from our clients and continue to enhance the platform in line with our customers’ needs.

The next stages for Graphics et al. are focussed on growth – expanding our team, and our markets both locally and internationally. We have plans for both self-funded growth and future capital raise opportunities for investors.

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